Superba Hardwood Shoe Expander & Stretcher

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End toe soreness from squeezing your feet into your favorite, but undersized, pair of shoes. Undersized shoes that do not allow your feet to move comfortably can affect gait, which leads to joint problems such as knee pain and back pain.

  • Separate knobs for width- and length-wise tension to expand shoes into a perfect 3D fit.
  • Premium superba hardwood that absorbs moisture and does not leave micro-splinters – unlike pinewood. Superba VS Pinewood
  • Full-shape shoe expander that supports the vamp and stretches the leather in all dimensions.
  • FREE bunion / corn knobs that can be attached at 12 points for spot-stretching.
  • 2 sizes available to properly stretch any shoe size.
  • Unisex.
  • Suitable for most footwear.
  • Sold as a single piece.


shoe expander stretcher singapore

Expands Shoes Width- & Length-wise

No more painful toes

Control length-wise and width-wise tension separately via individual adjustment knobs to expand your shoes into just the perfect fit for your feet.

shoe expander stretcher singapore

Premium Superba Hardwood

Sturdy, absorbent, & no micro-splinters

Our shoe expanders are made from sturdy Superba Hardwood instead of the cheaper Pinewood softwood. Softwoods can leave invisible micro-splinters in your shoe lining that speed up degradation of the leather, or even split and cut the shoe shoe interior.

shoe expander stretcher singapore
shoe expander stretcher singapore

Full-shape Shoe Expander

3-dimensional expansion

While the tops of shoe expanders are commonly flat to save on material, our shoe expanders are crafted in the full shape of a human foot so that they support the vamp and stretch your shoes in all directions.

shoe expander stretcher singapore

FREE Bunion / Corn Knobs in 3 shapes

Relief tightness at specific spots

4 bunion / corn knobs; 3 different shapes; 12 attachment sockets.

Shape your shoes to fit comfortably around the unique ridges of your feet by stretching specific spots more.

shoe expander stretcher singapore

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7-Day Size Exchanges

6-Month Warranty

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Premium Superba Hardwood

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