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The Saphir Médaille d’Or Cordovan Cream Shoe Polish restores colour and vibrancy to your cordovan leatherware, while providing nourishing and waterproofing benefits. Unlike other cream polishes, its unique formula retains the dense fibre structure that gives cordovan its unique shine, crease-resistance, scratch-resistance, and weather-resistance. Perfect for use with every polishing to recolor and fill in faded, scratched, or scuffed cordovan leather.

Made of a rich, all-natural blend of Neatsfoot Oil and natural waxes (including Beeswax and Carnauba Wax), the Saphir Cordovan Cream Polish buffs to an elegant, soft, matte sheen.

  • Alternative solvent instead of turpentine preserves the dense fiber structure that makes cordovan uniquely durable.
  • Recolors and fills in faded, scratched, or scuffed cordovan leather.
  • Double the pigment concentration of other cream polishes for a richer colour.
  • Superior spreadability for even recolouring.
  • A blend of several nutrient waxes confers a soft, refined shine.
  • Awarded the Medaille d’Or (gold medal) in Paris, 1925.


Non-turpentine Solvent

Protects the unique shine and durability of cordovan

While usually an excellent choice, turpentine solvent used in calfskin cream polishes expands the uniquely dense fibre structure of shell cordovan, which is responsible for its exceptional ruggedness and natural shine.

The Saphir Cordovan Cream Polish cleverly uses neatsfoot oil as a base for polish to penetrate cordovan leather, while retaining the weather-resistance, scratch-resistance, and ability to remain crease-free that cordovan is prized for.

100% Higher Pigment Concentration

Conceals scuffs & scratches; Enriches colour

With twice the pigment concentration of other top-tier cream polishes, the Saphir Cordovan Cream Polish fills is far superior in filling in irksome scuffs on shell cordovan leather. The same richness of the cream polish also revitalizes the colour of your cordovan leather for an exceptionally vibrant finish.

Unique Multi-wax Blend

Create a soft, refined sheen that endures

The Saphir Cordovan Cream Polish buffs to an elegant, matte shine that just lasts longer, thanks to a proprietary blend ofnatural waxes, including Beeswax and Carnauba Wax.

Superior Spreadability

Get more out of every jar

The rich texture of Saphir Cordovan Cream Polish lets you spread it evenly across the entire shoe leather to ensure even recolouring all around.

This helps you cover more area with every dab of Saphir Cordovan Cream Polish, giving you the best bang for your buck!

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