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Our handcrafted horsehair shoe polish dauber brush makes shoe polishing quick and mess-free – perfect for building base coats quickly before a mirror shine.

  • Spatula-style handle that keeps your hands clean.
  • Perfectly-sized brush head fits into most shoe polish jars.
  • Picks up consistent amount of polish and spreads it quickly and evenly.
  • Reach crevices and welts that fingers cannot.
  • 100% horse tailhair that is stiff enough to work polish yet delicate on fine leather, as well as highly resistant to breakage.
  • Handcrafted from highly durable and water-resistant Japanese Oakwood.
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Horsehair Shoe Polish Dauber Brush sid

Spatula-style Oakwood Handle

Keeps your hands clean

Keep your hands polish-free with our spatula-style applicator brush. The Japanese Oakwood used is both highly durable and water-resistant.

Horsehair Shoe Polish Dauber Brush size

Perfectly-sized Brush Head

Polish faster & more completely

A 4cm diameter brush head fits nicely into most shoe polish jars, and also helps cover the surface of your shoe faster than a cloth can.

Our dauber brush picks up a consistent amount of polish and holds it longer for a highly uniform application. Bristles bring product to tricky welts your fingers can’t reach.

Horsehair Shoe Polish Dauber Brush size
Horsehair Shoe Polish Dauber Brush bristles

100% Natural Horsehair Bristles

Gentle on leather

Being a natural fibre, horsehair is stiff enough to work polish into your leather, yet microscopically delicate enough not to scratch skin nor leather. Our shoe brush bristles comprise of 100% full-strand horse tailhairs, which are robust and prone to breaking.

This animal-friendly product only uses horsehair that come about as a product of horse grooming.

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Horse Tailhair

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  1. Fritz

    Speeds up polishing so much because the brush head covers more area and reaches into corners. Appreciate the detail to match the brush size to polish jar size.

  2. rabas89

    Item as stated. Very affordable with dense genuine horse hair bristle

  3. Thierry

    Recommended purchase with saphir polishes. The brush fits in the mouth nicely as stated and makes application quick and easy.

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