Stretch your shoes with your ShoeTree Project shoe stretcher

Follow these easy steps to expand your shoes into a comfortable fit.

shoe expander stretcher

1. Check which parts of the shoe require stretching

Put on your shoes and stand upright in them. Take note of:

  1. Whether your toes are too far forward in the shoe. This decides if length-wise stretching is required.
  2. Whether the shoe is generally tight, or if pressure is only felt at particular bony protrusions. This decides if width-wise stretching or spot-specific stretching is required.

2. Prepare the leather for stretching

Before inserting stretcher into shoe, soften the area of the shoe that is to be stretched with a leather conditioner – such as Saphir Renovateur – or a shoe stretch spray. Do not use water.

3. Contract the shoe stretcher

Completely contract the width of the toebox stretchers until they contact each other by rotating the width tension handle anti-clockwise. Shorten the shoe stretcher by rotating the length tension knob anti-clockwise, until it is able to fit into your shoe easily.

4. Insert the shoe stretcher

Fully insert the shoe stretcher into your shoe and rotate the length adjustment knob clockwise until it touches the heel of your shoes and just a slight increase in knob tension is felt. Next, rotate the width adjustment handle clockwise until just a slight increase in tension is felt. The shoe stretcher is now fitted into your shoe.

5. Adjust tension knobs / handles

Depending on whether you want to stretch the width or length (or both), add additional clockwise turns to the applicable knob / handle. DO NOT apply more than 4 additional rounds as too much pressure may rupture the shoe stitching instead.

6. Leave the shoe to stretch

Because it is a very strong material, leather stretches very slowly. Leave it to stretch for at least 8 hours before trying the shoes on. If the desired fit isn’t achieved, make the required adjustments for another round of stretching.

7. Spot-specific stretching

Sometimes, a shoe may fit nicely length-wise and width-wise but be tight around specific spots, especially if you have bunions. Attach the bunion knob closest in shape to the pressured area to the shoe stretcher before inserting it into the shoe. Position the bunion knob at the area of tightness by feeling it through the shoe leather. Holding it in position with your hand, expand the shoe stretch length-wise and width-wise until the shoe stretcher no longer moves about in the shoe. Add additional clockwise revolutions to the width tension handle to stretch that spot in the leather.