Got the wrong size?

Just fill in this simple form!


I do not know what size I should exchange for - how do I complete the form?

You may simply fill in the size you think you should get. Please do not worry – the photos you provide in the later sections will be used by our sizing experts for an accurate estimate of your proper size.

Can I bring my shoes down to your collection office for a fitting?

Yes, you may! If you’d like to have your shoes fitted during exchange at our collection office, simply select “Find the best fit at our office!” under “Mode of Exchange”. You may head down anytime during our opening hours once your Size Exchange Request has been approved.

I would like to do my size exchange at your collection office - do I still have to fill in the form?

Yes, you should still fill in the Size Exchange Request form. This helps our sizing experts advise you on your proper size, and lets us check if there there is stock available for your exchange at the moment.

What are the "Photos of best fit"?

“Photos of best fit” are snapshots of the shoe trees’ best fit in your shoes. If the shoe trees are too small, push them all the way into the shoe. If the shoe trees are too large, try your best to fit the shoe trees in and attach a photo of this. Our sizing experts use these photos to determine your accurate size. For best results, capture these images with your camera placed directly above your shoe.

Can I choose a pickup date and timeslot for my returns?

Pickups on a specific date are available with the Express Exchange option as a dedicated courier is hired to pickup your item. The courier will call you to arrange a suitable timeslot.

In order to keep our standard 2-way, door-to-door exchanges free for you, we have to allow our logistics partners to schedule pickups and deliveries according to an optimized route, so we are unable to guarantee a specific date nor timeslot. We apologize for any inconvenience caused! A pickup date will be sent to you once it has been scheduled, and pickup will typically occur within 1 – 2 business days. If this timeframe is unsuitable for you, it is strongly recommended that you come down to our office to do your exchange instead. We can even fit your shoes with the best size on the spot!