This is a digestable version of our 7-Day Exchange Policy. Full details can be found in the Exchanges Section at our Terms & Conditions page.

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Online shopping for size-specific products throws up all sorts of doubts:

“Is it true to size?”

“Is the shape appropriate for my shoe?”

The ShoeTree Project believes that our customers should not pay for less than optimal fit, so we have a Exchange Policy in place that helps you get only perfectly sized shoe trees for your shoes.

How To Request A Size Exchange
  • Request

    a return by filling in the simple Size Exchange Request form within 7 days of receiving your order.

    You’ll need:

    • 1. Photo of the overall product
    • 2. Your order receipt (from your email)
  • Prepare the item

    Bag and seal the items with their protective wrappers for pickup once your Size Exchange Request has been approved.

  • Pick-up

    will be done at your very own doorstep. Once the product has been returned to us, the requested size will be delivered within a week*! Alternatively, you may opt to come down to our office to find the best fit for your shoes.

    *if size is in stock

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