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Shoe Care Kit – Basic

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The Basic Shoe Care Kit consists of just the bare essentials to achieve 2 most important goals of shoe care:

  1. keep your shoe upper nourished and supple so that it lasts decades
  2. keep your shoes looking like the the thousand bucks you paid for them

This is not to say that the additional items in the Connoisseur Kit are frivolous, but rather that the products you’ll find in your Basic Shoe Care Kit will be responsible for 80% of your shoe’s longevity.

ox horn shoe hornox horn shoe horn in shoe

Genuine Ox Horn Shoe Horn


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Our handcafted Genuine Ox Horn Shoe Horn is the ultimate shoe horn for the shoe aficionado – unyieldingly durable and exquisitely ornamental. Participate in a piece of tradition with the shoe horn in its original, time-tested design.

This animal-friendly product only uses ox horns that come about as a by-product of meat production, and is biodegradable unlike man-made counterparts.

  • Polished, natural ox horn that is less abrasive to leather than plastic.
  • Stronger than plastic shoe horns and does not turn brittle under heat and light.
  • Elegant natural coloured striations that make each shoe horn the only one of its kind.
  • Ergonomic horn-tip handle that is both decorative and comfortable to hold.
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Varnished Japanese Oakwood Shoe Horn


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The best shoe creams and conditioners will not save your shoes from fraying if you crush the counters every morning forcing your heels in.

The contoured spatula of our shoe horns guide your heel in your shoe while providing structural support for the shoe counter. At 35cm, it is perfect for slipping you feet in without squatting into your tight pants.

Crafted with premium wood from the sturdy Lithocarpus glaber (Japanese Oak) and finished with a thin layer of varnish, our shoe horns age beautifully; a lifelong member of your shoe care set.