This is a digestable version of our 7-Day Exchange Policy. Full details can be found in the Exchanges Section at our Terms & Conditions page.

Shop for size-specific shoe trees from the comfort of home

Online shopping for size-specific products throws up all sorts of doubts:

“Is it true to size?”

“Is the shape appropriate for my shoe?”

The ShoeTree Project believes that our customers should not pay for less than optimal fit, so we have a Exchange Policy in place that helps you get only perfectly sized shoe trees for your shoes.

How To Request A Size Exchange
  • Request

    a return by filling in the simple Size Exchange Request form within 7 days of receiving your order.

    You’ll need:

    • 1. Photo of the overall product
    • 2. Your order receipt (from your email)
  • Prepare the item

    Bag and seal the items with their protective wrappers for pickup once your Size Exchange Request has been approved.

    Print out and attach the return waybill sent to you to the package.

  • Pick-up

    will be done at your very own doorstep. Once the product has been returned to us, the requested size will be delivered within a week*! Alternatively, you may opt to come down to our office to find the best fit for your shoes.

    *if size is in stock

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