Tali Sepatu Resmi Bulat (Kapas dengan Lilin)

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Our Round Dress Shoelaces provide one of the easiest and most cost-effective means of changing the look of your dress shoes. Woven out of premium high staple count cotton, they make extremely durable replacement shoelaces.

  • Woven, high staple count cotton that is very durable and does not stretch over time.
  • Lightly waxed surface for additional friction so that your knots stay tied.
  • 80cm(32″) length is perfect for most dress shoes with 3-6 pairs of eyelets.
  • Round & thin profile for formal and dressy shoes.
  • Multiple colours.
  • Delivered as a pair.
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Tali Sepatu Resmi Bulat multicolour

Premium Woven Cotton

Strongest, longest-lasting shoe laces

Never have to replace your shoestrings from an overly-hearty tug again. High-staple count cotton is first spun into tightly-bound threads, before being woven (rather than knitted) into durable shoelaces that do not stretch over time.

Tali Sepatu Resmi Bulat waxed

Lightly Waxed

Keeps your shoes tied

The lightly waxed surface of our shoelaces provide extra friction so that your lace knots stay tied and secure.

Tali Sepatu Resmi Bulat waxed
Tali Sepatu Resmi Bulat on shoe

80cm Length

Perfect length for most dress shoes

Our 80cm(32″) shoelaces are the perfect length for most dress shoes with 3-6 pairs of eyelets, allowing you to switch laces between pairs for a fresh look!

Tali Sepatu Resmi Bulat black

Round & Thin Profile

Formal & dressy

The round and thin design of these shoelaces provide a uniform and subdued profile, so that the finer details of your shoes and outfit are noticed. This is the standard for formal occasions.

Tali Sepatu Resmi Bulat black
Tali Sepatu Resmi Bulat on shoe

Multiple Colours

Change the feel of your shoes

Changing your shoelaces is one of the quickest and most economical way of bringing a new look to your shoes.

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