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Our handcrafted horsehair shoe brush cleans dirt effectively, maximizes the spread of your polishes, and works it into a superior elegant shine.

Designed for a superior polishing experience, our shoe brush:

  • only uses 100% horse tailhair that is stiff enough to work polish yet delicate on fine leather, as well as highly resistant to breakage.
  • has densely placed and uniform bristles that cleans faster and buffs polish into an even shine.
  • is designed with an ergonomic curve and fingerholds for superior usability.
  • is handcrafted from the highly durable and water-resistant Schima wood, which is also used in boat constrcution.


sikat sepatu 100% rambut kuda bristles

100% Natural Horsehair Bristles

Tough on dirt, delicate on leather

Being a natural fibre, horsehair is stiff enough to clean dirt from crevices and work polish into a shine, yet microscopically delicate enough not to scratch skin and leather. Our shoe brush bristles comprise of 100% full-strand horse tailhairs, which are robust and prone to breaking.

This animal-friendly product only uses horsehair that come about as a product of horse grooming.

sikat sepatu 100% rambut kuda bristles

Dense & Uniform Bristle Placement

Clean and polish more effectively

Reach better into welts and crevices, clean more dirt in each stroke with up to 60% more horsehair on ShoeTree shoe brushes.

The uniform bristle length and density along the entire brush also spreads polish and creams more evenly, making sure every inch of your shoe leather is nourished.

sikat sepatu 100% rambut kuda bristles
sikat sepatu 100% rambut kuda handle

Handcrafted Schima Hardwood Handle with Fingerholds

Ergonomic & highly durable

The curved handle accommodates natural wrist motion during brushing and prevents nicking of the shoe polish by the handle edges. Fingerholds crafted into each side of the handle improves grip for a shoe brush that just feels good in your hands.

Also used in boat construction, the dense Schima hardwood used is highly durable and water-resistant. Polished to a smooth finish, the shoe brush handle can be easily wiped clean if stained.

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