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The best shoe creams and conditioners will not save your shoes from fraying if you crush the counters every morning forcing your heels in.

The contoured spatula of our shoe horns guide your heel in your shoe while providing structural support for the shoe counter. At 35cm, it is perfect for slipping you feet in without squatting into your tight pants.

Crafted with premium wood from the sturdy Lithocarpus glaber (Japanese Oak) and finished with a thin layer of varnish, our shoe horns age beautifully; a lifelong member of your shoe care set.


Sendok Sepatu indonesia

Contoured Spatula

Easy slip-in

Our contoured Shoe Horns guide your heel into your shoe while providing support for the counter. Slip your feet into your shoes in a jiffy without re-lacing them, while protecting your shoe counter from the wear of repeated crushing.

Sendok Sepatu indonesia

35 cm Ideal Handle Length

No more squatting in tight pants

Hate squatting down in tight pants to lace your shoes? In a hurry to leave every morning?

With the 35cm length of our shoe horns, you can reach into your shoes with just a slight bend of the waist, and stow it away conveniently after.

Sendok Sepatu indonesia
Sendok Sepatu indonesia

Japanese Oakwood

Elegant & sturdy

Each crafted from wood from the sturdy Lithocarpus glaber (Japanese Oak), our shoe horns withstand a lifetime of abuse and ages beautifully. Unlike plastic and metal shoe horns, you do not have to worry about snapping, bending or rusting over time.

Its vintage walnut-brown colour makes it an elegant addition to your shoe care repertoire.

Sendok Sepatu indonesia

Varnished Finish

Mould- & water-resistant

A thin layer of varnish over the entire length of the shoe horn protects it from absorbing water or getting mouldy.

Sendok Sepatu indonesia

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Dimensi35 × 4 × 1.5 cm

Varnished Japanese Oakwood


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