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Polishing over dust and dirt gives the wax layer a clouded appearance. Achieve glossier, more lustrous shines by first removing the outermost layers of wax with the Saphir Saddle Soap.

  • Removes only a few layers of wax, so that you do not have to start building polish from scratch.
  • Glycerin-base rather than solvent-based cleaner makes it easy to control how much polish you remove.


Saphir Sabun Kulit Pelana

Moderate-strength Leather Cleaner

Achieve clearer, more lustrous shines

Wax polish coating your shoes naturally attract dust and dirt. These become trapped when polished over, making it impossible to achieve a clear, radiant shine.

The Saphir Saddle Soap removes only the top few layers of polish where dirt is trapped, so that you can achieve clear, glossy shines without starting from scratch.

Saphir Sabun Kulit Pelana

Amphipathic Glycerin Base

Easy to control

The glycerin base of Saphir Saddle Soap binds to originally water-repellent wax and makes it stick to moisture for an easy wipe-off. This makes it easy to control how much wax you want to remove, unlike solvent-based strippers like the Saphir Reno’Mat which dissolves all polish on the shoe.

Saphir Sabun Kulit Pelana

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Berat0.1 kg
Dimensi8.5 × 8.5 × 3.7 cm

100 mL


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