Saphir Renovateur Semprotan Pelembap Suede & Nubuck

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The Saphir Medaille d’Or Suede & Nubuck Conditioning Spray is the only conditioner suitable for use on textured leather. It is specifically formulated to nourish suede leather without altering its colour or look, as well as to provide water-resistance.

  • Light almond oil keeps suede fibers strong and flexible to prevent cracks, as well as confer water-resistance.
  • Spray-on application keeps your suede fluffy and velvety, unlike cream conditioners.
  • No hamrful resins nor silicones that dries leather out.
  • Awarded the Medaille d’Or (gold medal) in Paris, 1925.


Saphir Renovateur Semprotan Pelembap Suede & Nubuck Neutral

Light Almond Oil-based Conditioner

Prevents cracks & provides water resistance

Instead of thick mink fat, the Saphir Renovateur Suede Conditioning Spray uses a light almond oil that nourishes suede leather fibers and keeps them strong and flexible, without causing any colour change. Almond oil also waterproofs and guards your shoe leather against mildew, salt, and mould.

Spray-on Application

Preserves your suede’s velvety appearance

Suede fibers naturally point in a single direction, creating its nuanced, velvety nap. Heavier cream conditioners can destroy this order, making your suede look ruffled and old.

The light mist of this conditioning spray nourishes each suede leather fibre without altering its natural arrangement, retaining suede’s bright velvet finish.

No Resins nor Silicones

Leaves your suede nap nourished and moisturized

Most water-resistance products contain resins and silicones that dry out leather, which could lead to brittleness and easier cracking. Instead, the Saphir Renovateur Suede Conditioning Spray relies on natural hydrophobic compounds to provide similar water protection.

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Dimensi5 × 5 × 22 cm

250 mL


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