Saphir Reno’mat Pembersih Kulit


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The Saphir Beauté Du Cuir Reno’Mat Leather Cleaner & Stain Remover restores your shoe leather back to its original factory finish. An essential precursor for deeper conditioning and more alluring shines.

  • Removes harmful build-up of polish, silicones, resins, and dirt so conditioners penetrate leather deeper.
  • Erases accidental stains easily.
  • Powerful enough to remove 6 months of build-up in a single cleaning.
  • Mild enough to protect original leather finishing.
  • Highly liquid formula suitable for deep cleaning smooth leather like calfskin and cordovan.


saphir renomat pembersih kulit

Remove harmful build-up for more efficient conditioning

The Saphir Reno’mat Leather Cleaner removes built-up polish, silicones, resins, and dirt with ease so that your nourishing creams and conditioners penetrate deeper into your leather.

Its proprietary formula is powerful enough to remove up to 6 months of build-up in a single cleaning, yet gentle enough to protect the original finishing of the leather.

saphir renomat pembersih kulit

Recover stained leather

Ruined your leather shoes with the wrong colour of polish? The Saphir Reno’Mat Leather Cleaner undoes that in a jiffy and restores your shoes back to its original factory finish!

saphir renomat pembersih kulit
saphir renomat pembersih kulit

Super-effective on all smooth leathers

The highly liquid Saphir Reno’Mat is extremely effective at getting into the pores of smooth leather and dissolving the harmful buildup within. Deep cleanse calfskin, cordovan etc back to its original lustre in a few wipes!

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