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Tali Sepatu Resmi Bulat multicolourTali Sepatu Resmi Bulat on shoe

Tali Sepatu Resmi Bulat (Kapas dengan Lilin)

Rp138,322.80 Rp102,589.41

Our Round Dress Shoelaces provide one of the easiest and most cost-effective means of changing the look of your dress shoes. Woven out of premium high staple count cotton, they make extremely durable replacement shoelaces.

  • Woven, high staple count cotton that is very durable and does not stretch over time.
  • Lightly waxed surface for additional friction so that your knots stay tied.
  • 80cm(32″) length is perfect for most dress shoes with 3-6 pairs of eyelets.
  • Round & thin profile for formal and dressy shoes.
  • Multiple colours.
  • Delivered as a pair.