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Cetakan Sepatu Cedar Amerika Merah

Rp571,850.00 Rp410,588.30
5.00 out of 5
Perangkat Ukuran Cetak

Our premium shoe trees drastically extend the life of the finest footwear by preventing creases and cracks from taking hold of the pristine leather upper.

The spring-loaded components are engineered to exert biplanar pressure: the twin-tubes unfurl the sole from a whole day of flexing, while the split-toe stretches the toe box to minimize creasing and maintain its shape.

Delicately crafted with porous heartwood from the Juniperus Virginiana (American Red Cedar) tree, our shoe trees efficaciously wick excess moisture from the delicate leather linings of shoes to prevent lining rot, then imbues it with the crisp aroma of raw cedar.

As you wind down for the day, our shoe trees get to work – a humble restorer of fine art.