Affiliate Rewards Badge

Are you a shoe connoisseur? Do you regularly discuss all things sartorial on forums or with friends?

Become a ShoeTree Project affiliate and get paid when others follow your advice!


Affiliate benefits

Earn commissions doing what you love

Earn 10% commission on every single order placed
using your special Affiliate Code.

Discounts for your friends

Your friends get a 5% discount when they checkout with your Affiliate Code – no minimum order required!

Cash out option

Redeem your store credits for equivalent cash once you accumulate a set amount and spend it on anything.

No minimum targets or obligations

Being an affiliate requires no extra effort – simply mention your Affiliate Code when you write something relevant on forums or your blog.

How Affiliate Rewards work

  • Apply

    to become a ShoeTree Project Affiliate here.

  • Refer

    others looking for shoe care products to us using your Affiliate Code, found in your Affiliate Area.

  • 10% Commission

    will be credited into your Affiliate Account as Affiliate Credits when your Affiliate Code is used to checkout.

  • Redeem

    your store credits for discounts on your own shoe care purchases, or cash out after reaching a set amount.

How does payment take place?

  • You will accumulate Affiliate Credits every time your Affiliate Code is used to checkout – an email notification will be sent to you.
  • Affiliate Credits accumulated for the previous month will be paid into your ShoeTree Project account on the first day of the current month, and henceforth become spendable.
  • Paid and unpaid Affiliate Credits can be tracked through your Affiliate Area.

How to track and spend Affiliate Credits?

  • Your available Affiliate Credits and payment status can be tracked through your Affiliate Area.
  • You’ll be automatically prompted to spend your available Affiliate Credits at checkout.
  • You may opt to cash out your Affiliate Credits after accumulating a value of $500. Payment will be made through Bank Transfer or Paypal.


By the referred customer

If a purchase for which you were credited for is partially refunded, a proportionate amount of Affiliate Credits from that order will be void. If the order is fully refunded, all Affiliate Credits from that order will be void.

On your order paid for with Affiliate Credits

If an order paid for in part with Affiliate Credits is partially refunded, Affiliate Credits will be refunded first before cash is used to make up the balance.